Author:Paddy Oliver


LPD Duties

This article will outline the major statutory and regulatory obligations placed upon Incorporated Legal Practices (ILP) and Authorised Principals of ILPs (validly appointed directors, previously known as Legal Practitioner Directors).



“Why does a law firm exist?” Peter Drucker and the 21st Century Law Firm Part 5: Marketing & Innovation in a Law Firm

Entrepreneurship is not a term used frequently in the context of a lawyer or a law firm, nor is the phrase “entrepreneurial lawyer”. In fact the latter phrase to most in the profession has connotations of low or questionable legal ethics (not to be confused with business ethics as they are entirely separate) or has a whiff of cordite about it.



Why Legal Project Management Isn’t Going Away Anytime Soon

“More for Less”. How often do you hear that as In House Counsel? Whether it is related to your own in house team or your external lawyers your business wants “More for Less”. If you can meet this expectation you will be doing your job well. If you don’t, you may not have a job. That is the stark reality of business in the current economic climate.