Project Management

Does your firm want to be at the cutting edge or be left behind?

Legal Project Management (LPM) is a key area of expertise for the forward thinking law firm. If your firm is not already using LPM techniques then your firm is at a considerable disadvantage. Clients are demanding better service for lower legal spend: legal project management will help deliver.

How do we help?

Lexcel has assisted firms implement Legal Project Management. From LPM Masterclass workshops to implementing pilot projects Lexcel works with you to design the best LPM response for your firm’s unique circumstances.

In all areas of law, and for all types of clients, it is a strategic imperative that matters are managed effectively by applying LPM techniques.

What is LPM?

Legal project management is the application of project management techniques to the creation and delivery of legal services.

What are the benefits of LPM?

It promotes client satisfaction by ensuring that a matter is finished on time and on budget. It increases profitability for the firm by ensuring that the right work is done, by the right person, at the right time thereby allowing the firm to decrease the cost of production but maintaining a fair price for the work .

All client legal work is a project and despite what most lawyers think they have legal project management skills. Unfortunately, these legal project skills are not developed in a structured way either by the lawyer or the law firm. LPM does not take away from the legal work, in fact it makes it more enjoyable by providing a structure to the legal project work.

LPM & Pricing

If a firm undertakes any kind of fixed or value pricing then LPM is a key aspect of making a project profitable for both the client and the firm.

Use your team & existing software

Legal project management does not impose project managers or expensive software solutions onto lawyers. LPM aims to utilise, and enhance, lawyers’ skills which already encompass communication, organising, scheduling, and task management

Benefits of LPM for the Client

Client satisfaction – LPM is client centric. A successful outcome for a client within scope, budget, and timescale will reflect well on the firm. After matter reviews carried out in conjunction with the client will allow both parties to learn from the project, it will also probably lead to more work for the law firm.

Understanding client needs – at the heart of legal project management is understanding your client’s objectives and what success looks like from the client’s perspective. From this, the engagement can be properly scoped and this scope agreed with the client. Agreeing the scope ensures that no unnecessary legal work is undertaken by the firm (the work that you don’t get paid to do).

Keeping the client informed – during the life of the matter, no matter complex the matter, will assist the overall client relationship.

Benefits of LPM for your firm

Client satisfaction – a client’s project brought to a (client defined) successful outcome and within budget will reflect well on the firm and its lawyers

Improved work management – at the core of legal project management is all the key tasks of the project broken down into smaller parts and then executed by the most appropriate person. If the firm uses time billing this will allow improved utilisation and realisation rates. If the firm undertakes fixed pricing it is the only method to ensure that the engagement is profitable.

Alternative Fee Arrangements – as client force firms away from hourly billing onto fixed pricing the only method to ensure that the firm remains profitable is ensure that all matters use LPM. Legal project management ensures that there is no “scope creep” and that client requested changes are agreed in advance and priced accordingly.

The Future – legal process outsourcing is becoming more prevalent by the day. If a firm does not utilise legal project management in its LPO delivery the legal process outsourcing will fail.

Need LPM Assistance?

Lexcel will work with your firm, or departments, to assist the introduction, or improvement, of legal project management. The value to you is utilising Consultants Lexcel’s  skills and knowledge whilst learning the core LPM skills.

Working with your Clients

If your firm is having discussion with clients around how the firm delivers its legal services and the price of those services Lexcel can work with you to ensure that the outcomes of those client conversations are beneficial and profitable for both the firm and the client.


We would be happy to share with you our experiences and to help you understand the potential opportunities involved in achieving your goals.

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“Paddy delivered a full-day legal project management workshop to a group of partners, senior lawyers and business managers. In designing the session, he took the time to understand our broader business objectives and key internal stakeholders, and worked closely with our internal team to tailor the content to reflect the firm’s bespoke LPM tools and templates. The workshop successfully balanced principles/theory and practical application through a case study, and was well received by participants.”

L&D Manager
Leading Australian Law Firm