“The Essence of Strategy is What Not to Do” – Michael Porter

Every law firm has a strategy, strategic goals. Your firm is no different. How you achieve those goals is a question which law firm leaders find difficult to answer without a formal strategy. Without a strategy your firm will find it difficult to be as profitable as it should be: do you want that for your firm?

A strategy for your firm is a medium to long term plan to help the firm achieve its goals. If there is no strategy there can be no focus on achieving those goals.

The marketplace in which your firm competes has never been more competitive. In the 21st century having a strategy will ensure that your firm prospers. However, if your firm does not have a strategy it may be difficult to survive.

How can Lexcel Help

Do you want to develop a strategy but do not have the time? Yes? We can assist you by reducing the risk of formulating and implementing your strategy by utilising deep legal sector knowledge coupled with our extensive law firm management consulting experience in strategy development and implementation.

Strategy Formulation

How do you start to formulate your strategy? We will work with you to help you answer these four key strategic questions

1. In what markets does your compete for legal services?

2. What unique value does your firm bring to clients in those markets?

3. What resources and capabilities does your firm utilise to deliver that value to clients?

4. How does your firm sustain the ability to deliver that value to clients?

Easy questions to ask, but difficult to answer. We can help you with the answers.


We would be happy to share with you our experiences and to help you understand the potential opportunities involved in achieving your goals.

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“Doogue O’Brien George is a law firm specialising in criminal defence. The directors want to ensure its continued success for both its clients, shareholders, and employees.  As part of the plan for success the directors decided that a strategic planning process should be undertaken.  Whilst we could have undertaken this strategic planning process internally we decided to seek expert assistance to guide us through the process.  We chose Paddy Oliver of Lexcel Consulting as Paddy understands how law firms work, lawyers, and the wider legal services marketplace.

Paddy worked closely with the directors and partners to understand how our firm operates and the people and culture inside it.  From the strategic planning workshop which Paddy facilitated we have been able to formulate our first strategic plan.

We found Paddy responsive to our requests, knowledgeable, and personable. “


Bill Doogue
Doogue O’Brien George Defence Lawyers